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International Journal of Molecular and Theoretical physics (IJMTP) is an international multidisciplinary Open Access Journal that encourages research in the field of MOLECULAR PHYSICS.

IJMTP provides that the molecular physics is the study of the physical properties of molecules. The chemical bond between atoms as well as the molecular dynamics. The most important experimental techniques are Numerous types of spectroscopy, scattering is also used. The field is closely related to atomic physics and overlaps greatly with theoretical chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical physics.

One important aspect of molecular physics is that the essential atomic orbital theory in the field of atomic physics expands to the molecular orbital theory.

The scope of the journal is the molecule group theory develops methods on first principles quantum mechanics for studying structure, spectra and collision properties of molecules. Research in the group is a mixture of studying fundamental problems such as ultra cold molecular collisions and electron and position molecule collisions, and application of theoretical methods to key area such as astrophysics and atmospheric physics.The molecular theory group also works alongside Quantmol Company producing software model electron polyatomic molecule interactions for a variety of applications including plasma physics.

This Scientific Journal gives prominence to all areas of molecular and theoretical physics research such as Quantum mechanics, Atomic and molecular physics related to physics areas.

Articles such as original research paper, review, mini review, rapid communications, cases and editorials are welcome for submission and subsequent publication after a thorough Peer-Review process.

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