Symbiosis Open Access Journal of Aids Research (SOJAIDS)

Symbiosis Open Journal of Aids Research (SOJAIDS) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal launched to promulgate research and development aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS.

SOJAIDS will publish papers featuring current research related to diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of HIV. It will also lay emphasis on spreading HIV awareness. The issues related to physical, social, and emotional well-being of an AIDS patient and evaluation of the impact of societal apathy on their behavior can also be addressed in the manuscripts submitted to SOJAIDS. The scope of the journal covers topics like perinatal HIV transmission, primary care, early symptomatic HIV infection, immune deficiency, multiple infections due to HIV, HIV screening etc.

HIV infection attacks the CD4+ lymphocytes of the immune system, making the human body susceptible to varied infections. Scientists are emphasizing on early detection and early anti-retroviral therapy. Trial results from Visconti cohort have already provided evidence that patients, who received early therapy, did not show HIV resurgence, even after drug withdrawal. The focus is on stopping the transmission in the uninfected population, and starting early treatment in the infected population, to improve their health by restoring immunological function. Several organizations like UNAIDS (Fast track end of Aids by 2030), NIH, ANRS, and amfAR are working in collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies, for providing affordable patient care. The goal is to encourage innovative research for HIV prevention & cure.

Latest research approaches like that adopted for the Berlin patient (Proof of Concept, stem cell bone marrow transplant) and Mississippi baby have provided evidence that HIV is curable. The advancements like allolegenic stem cell transplantation, gene editing, combination therapy (ARV), immunotherapy, vaccine development (in the pre-clinical phase), and unmasking viral latency in basic, translational, and clinical research hold the promise for combating the global pandemic.


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