International Journal of Genetic Science
Editor-In-Chief :   Jean-François Picimbon
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ISSN Online :   2377-4274
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Journal DOI :  10.15226/2377-4274/
Current Issue :   Volume 5 Issue 2 - 2018
Publisher :  Symbiosis Open Access
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About Journal

International Journal of Genetic Science (IJGS) is an Open Access Publication which aims to reveal the intriguing secrets encoded in the genetic codons. IJGS is a Scientific Journal that has dedicated itself to promoting genetic research and facilitating the application of this research in the fight against diseases. The deadliest of diseases like cancer and HIV can also be effectively managed by controlling the genetic pathways for these diseases.

IJGS encompasses genomic constitution, gene expression & regulation, heredity, genetic variation, gene mutations and genomic evolution, etc. in all life forms (plants, animals and microcellular organisms). The scope of the journal covers cell reproduction, protein synthesis, metabolic molecular pathways, immune mechanisms, disease transmission and molecular origin of diseases.

The journal also publishes articles featuring industrial applications of genetics in various sectors like agriculture, animal husbandry, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceuticals, medical and clinical research.

The impact of genetics on day to day life and its implication in various other life sciences domains is a reflection of the importance of genetics in modern science. The manuscripts submitted to IJGS are submitted to a strict Peer-Review process before publication, to ensure that any literature published in the journal, is scientifically validated.

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