Editor Guidelines
We recognize that our Editor/Editor-in-Chief plays a crucial role in Open Access publication right from formation of the editorial board to publishing of manuscripts. Editor/Editor-in-Chief fosters the quality of a publication and the overall content of the journal; rendering invaluable services to Open Access through their eminence in research & expertise in their respective field.

Symbiosis Open Access Journals welcome scientists, researchers, medical practitioners, academicians and scholars interested in serving as volunteer editors. Symbiosis publishes about 40 peer reviewed journals in the field of Science & Engineering. List of journals are available here. Editors play a prominent role in maintaining the standards of any journal. Editors of Symbiosis Open Access Journals are expected to take the complete responsibility for the journals, and monitor the entire publication process.

Benefits as an Editor for Symbiosis Open Access Journals
1. Waiver on registration fee for conferences organized by Symbiosis Group.
2. Certificate of appreciation from symbiosis, honored by the Editor-in-Chief at the end of the year.
3. Recognition as an editor for Symbiosis Open Access journal.
4. Honorable position as Chair /Co-Chair for any conferences organized by Symbiosis Group.

Editor Guidelines and Responsibilities

1. Editors are requested to assign the reviewers for the manuscripts received from the editorial office. If the editors are busy, they can inform the editorial office about their unavailability. This enables us to assign the same article to other editors having similar research interest.
2. Timely contribution of the editorials/manuscripts for the upcoming issues of the journal.
3. Encouraging the submission of good quality manuscripts by recruiting authors or referring colleagues for manuscript submission.
4. Quality check of the manuscript, once it is received from the editorial office.
5. Timely response to the editorial office and completion of the review process within the provided timeline.
6. Editors are not bound to process a given number of manuscripts. The editor is free to work according to his interest and his prior commitments.
7. We encourage editors to provide new ideas/suggestions for the development of the journal.
8. Editors should be in contact with other editorial board members.
9. Editors have to monitor the complete peer review process to maintain the standard of the journal.
10. Editors need to comply with data protection ethics and maintain confidentiality. While considering case reports and patient photographs, it is always advisable to obtain written consent of the patients from the respective authors and to ensure their authenticity.

Editorial Policy

Editorial policies are optimized to protect and reinforce the journals integrity and quality while aiming at readers interest. Symbiosis Open Access Journals provides complete editorial freedom to the Editorial Board members with the authority to determine journals content and it does not interfere with any sort of assessment process of manuscripts. SOJ publications are intended to meet research ethics, copyright protection, to maintain transparency and respect the privacy of participating individuals such as editors, reviewers and authors. The principal goal of an editor should be to endeavor the content quality, ensure skillful peer review process and publish on a timely basis.

Editors should ensure that all the articles are published with respect to the scope of the journal based on relevancy, integrity, scientific strength, new inputs, potential interest, completeness, clarity and ethics. Also assure that decisions regarding the manuscripts are not affected by the authors: Origin, Personal Issues, Nationality, Ethnicity, Race, Religion or Political Beliefs. Decisions must be provided strictly based on the articles scientific validity and importance to the scientific community.

Interested to be an Editor for Symbiosis Open Access Journal?

If you are interested to become the editor for our journals, kindly mail us your CV along with journal of interest to

We will respond to you within 24 hours. Symbiosis Open Access Publishers, provide constant support for the editors who play key role in promoting Open Access via Symbiosis and help us in achieving our mission of promoting the researchers amongst the scientific community.

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Reviewer Guidelines

What is peer review?

The authenticity of scientific literature depends on effective peer review. A published paper reflects not only on the authors of that paper, but also on the group of readers. Without the judgment of knowledgeable peers as a standard for evaluating the quality of science, it would be impossible to adjudge content credibility.

Reviewers play a significant role in Open Access publishing. Peer Review system (Flow chart) is an important process for quality of research, scientific validation and publication. Symbiosis Open Access Journals welcomes scientists, researchers, academicians and scholars interested in serving as a voluntary reviewer.Any researcher with PhD as a minimum educational qualification is eligible to be a reviewer. Symbiosis publishe 40 peer-reviewed journals in the field of science & engineering. The list of journals are available here. A reviewer has to review the articles received from the editorial office or the editor within the specifically mentioned timeline.

Guidelines to be followed while reviewing the articles are:
1. Reviewers should not disclose their identity to the authors, at any stage of the publication of the manuscript.
2. Reviewers should not be biased or partial while reviewing the manuscript.
3. Reviewers should submit the acceptance letter once it is assigned to them.
4. Reviewers should review the manuscript within the provided timeline in order to facilitate timely completion of the review process.
5. Reviewer should directly inform the editor, if the manuscript does not meet the standards of the journal or there is no quality content in the manuscript.
6. Reviewers should directly contact the editor/editorial office, if there is any problem in the manuscript content/figures/tables/experimental data.
7. Articles are assigned based on the research interests of the reviewer. They can approach the assigned editor/editorial office, if the manuscript is beyond their expertise.
8. Reviewers have to remember that the final decision to accept or reject will depends on comments of the editor. If you are interested to become the reviewer for our journals, kindly mail us CV along with journal of interest to We will respond to you within 24 hours.

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Publishing your research in Symbiosis Open Access Journals.

Please go through our guidelines and detailed illustrations to understand the publication process. Understanding the guidelines will expedite the publication of your manuscript.

Following illustration will help you understand the steps involved in the publication of manuscripts in Symbiosis.

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