Volume 4 Issue 1
International Journal of Pediatrics & Child Care
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ISSN Online :  2576-4802
Journal DOI :  10.15226/2576-4802
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Current Issue :  Volume 4 Issue 1 - 2019
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About Journal

International Journal of Pediatrics & Child Care is an international forum that provides open access to peer-reviewed scientific articles on issues related to child care. It not only addresses health related issues (disease, infection, genetic disorder, growth impairment etc.), but also aims to cover topics related to the physical, emotional, and social well- being, of children. Child psychology, behavioral aspects, societal apathy, exposure to criminal and violent environment, parental negligence, and cultural background, are some of the factors that influence the development of a child; and any research related to these issues will be accepted for publication.

The scope of IJPCC broadly covers topics like malnutrition, endocrinal/metabolic disorders, autism, ADHD, mother-to-child transmission (MTCT)/vertically transmitted infection, developmental and behavioral pediatrics, pediatric oncology, social pediatrics, anxiety disorders and pediatric dermatology etc.

The journal will also accept articles covering neonatological research, a sub-speciality of pediatrics.

The purpose of this journal is to support and enhance the development of pediatric research and help in the reinforcement of child care ethics. It aims to publish and support research for providing children with state-of-art and affordable medical care.

Pediatricians are responsible for the overall well-being of young children. Our growing years are the most crucial years in our life. The physical condition of a new born is rated by Apgar score. A proper screening is performed for genetic diseases & syndromes, immune deficiency, primitive reflexes, and other common infections/disorders. As the infant continues to grow, screening the developmental pattern and imparting proper intervention (if required); will ensure that the child meets all the developmental milestones. American Academy of Pediatrics in its policy statement recommends developmental algorithms for screening growth in children.

Pediatrics & Child Care is a field that is not limited to mere treatment of sick children; it has rather expanded as a discipline that involves nurturing the young ones into healthy adolescents, by focusing on their physical, emotional, and social growth.

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