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International Journal of Proteins & Enzyme Research (IJPER) publishes illustrative scholarly articles on proteins and enzymes. It is a peer-reviewed open-access journal that aims to reveal the mystery of proteomics and enzymology, the structure, function and role of proteins & enzymes in cellular synthesis/metabolism/signaling pathways.

IJPER will cover research topics like protein & enzyme synthesis, proteins as drug targets, molecular cytogenetics and protein expression, proteins & enzymes in therapeutics, biocatalysis, biochemistry, bioinformatics etc.

Proteins, "the building blocks of life" are organic compounds that are made up of continuous chains of amino acids. The linear chain of amino acids forms the secondary structure through hydrogen bonding of constituent amino acids. Proteins fold into three-dimensional, helical or pleated tertiary structures. The structure determines the function of the proteins and their role in cellular chemistry. Any alteration in the three-dimensional structure results in denaturation of the protein and impairs its function.

Barring a few ribonucleprotein enzymes, most enzymes are proteins, and their structure plays a crucial role in their function as a biological catalyst. Enzymes are substrate specific and they increase the rate of reaction of the metabolic processes.

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