International Journal of Structural and Computational Biology
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About Journal

International Journal of Structural and Computational Biology (IJSCB) is an open access, scholarly journal that aims to publish theoretical and practical concepts of Biostatistics and computational biology

IJSCB will feature peer-reviewed articles on the application of computational sciences in applied biology and other allied life sciences, such as microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, clinical research, and biochemistry.

The scope of IJSCB covers applied research in the fields like proteomics, metabolomics, genomics & Pharmacogenomics, computer aided drug design (CADD), building predictive diagnostic models. Computational biology uses 'computer generated algorithm based software' to extract, transform, and load biological data; which is then analyzed and processed into meaningful information. It involves data mining, algorithmic optimization, and data modeling techniques.

Computational biology applies integrated concepts of basic mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology to generate quantitative models that simulate the biological conditions. These models are designed to be analogous to complex biological systems, quantitatively predict molecular dynamics, and provide a detailed understanding of the life processes. Quantitative models should be scalable, standardized, validated, and routinely tested on a real-time basis. Quantitative techniques are gaining wide acceptance in modern biology, as they generate valuable insights from the 'big data'; thus interpreting cellular dynamics & system properties, predicting molecular targets, and mimicking several other pharmacological/biological/biochemical functions.

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