Special Issue Guidelines

Special issues generally involve the collection of papers for specific scientific topics. Special issues are contributed by the Authors to the journals by responding to call for papers or by sending an invitation.
Name of the authors, Co- Authors, Designation, Profession, Organization and Biography should be enclosed for proper submission and evaluation of article to the journal.
Once the paper is selected for publication, we will maximize the special issue to scientific community at the earliest.
We give more importance to the special topics for authors who are doing ground-breaking research in their field.
Timely interaction and status update of articles with the authors after submitting their manuscript.
To provide a format for the reference in special issues, please follow the given link: (please provide the reference link)

All the novel research work submitted by authors will go through an external review process following the same guidelines and formats submitted to other journals. (Please follow the link for more details)

Special issue submission and acceptance process:

Call for invitation for the special issue will be received throughout the year. Closing date for the special issue will be mentioned in the call for paper itself.

When submitting for the special issue, the following points should be considered:

List of contributions including introduction should be provided while submitting the special issue topics. Each submitted article should include Bio-note, Authorship, Detailed abstract focusing on the goals, Methodology, Results and Conclusions for their novel research work. If the reviewer needs any additional information or materials regarding their work, authors are requested to provide the same. Please click on the below link for more details: (provide Author guidelines link here)

Once the article is accepted for publication, then the author will receive expected publication slots for release of the article in respective journal.