International Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Science
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Journal DOI :  10.15226/2572-3162
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Current Issue :   Volume 5 Issue 1- 2022
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About Journal

International Journal of Scientific Research in Environmental Science and Toxicology is an international, open access, peer-reviewed publication which aims to publish scholarly articles on toxicology.

The scope of IJSRET covers a wide range of topics like carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, mutagenicity, novel approaches to toxicological testing, environmental toxicology, toxicogenomics, and medical toxicology. The objective of this journal is to enhance the scientific understanding of toxicity and aid research & development in this field.

Toxicology is the branch of science that deals with analyzing the impact of toxins/xenobiotics on the human health and involves the etiology, target, mechanism, prevention and management of toxic effects. Research in toxicology involves multidisciplinary sciences like synthetic & computational chemistry, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular biology and bioinformatics etc. The journal will feature publications related to all the allied fields of toxicology like clinical, chemical, environmental and forensic toxicology.

Toxin, a chemical substances that can initiate an untoward metabolic reaction, or produce a deleterious biological response in a living organism. The toxicological process gets initiated, when the active form of a toxicant interacts with its molecular target, at its site of action. The toxic effect will only be produced, at a biologically effective dose; and it could be reversible, irreversible, or irreversible with repair. The toxicological process consists of toxicokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism & excretion) and toxicodymnamics (dose-effect & dose-response relationship). The toxin pharmacodynamic response is only evident above the threshold dose (i.e. the no observed adverse effect level, NOEAL) of the toxin.

The toxins are classified according to their physical or chemical characteristics, and various toxicological registries provide information on these toxins (ex. CHEMTREC, TOXNET, HSDB, RTECS, MSDS, and HazDat). Several regulatory authorities and health agencies (like ATSDR, EPA, NIOSH, NCEN, FDA, and NRC) are working toward the goal of reducing the risk of hazardous materials on the health of human & other life forms. Advances in toxicology research will be the key focus in subsequent issues that will be released by International Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences

Subject Areas

➢ Applied toxicology ➢ Aquatic toxicology
➢ Molecular biology ➢ Biomedical toxocology
➢ Cardiac toxicity ➢ Chemotherapy
➢ Cutaneous toxicology ➢ Drug reactions
➢ Water intoxication ➢ Systeam toxicology
➢ Respiratory toxicology ➢ Pulmonary irritants
➢ Toxicology aerosols ➢ Drug for respiratory disorders
➢ Renal toxicology ➢ Pesticide toxicology
➢ Mycotoxin ➢ Industrial toxicology
➢ Inhalation toxicology ➢ Ocular toxicity
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