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Current Issue :  Volume5 Issue1 - 2019
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About Journal

Journal of Urology and Nephrology Open Access is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, scientific journal for showcasing modern research in Urology and Nephrology.

JURNOA will accept articles on varied topics related to the kidney, the urinary system, the genitourinary tract & the male reproductive organs, and Urogynecology. The diseases/disorders/surgical conditions like nephrectomy, kidney stones, prostate cancer, urinary tract infections (UTI), urinary incontinence, bladder cancer, dialysis, kidney transplant, laparoscopic urology etc. come under the purview of this journal.

Urological complications affect the genitourinary tract in men & women, and the prostate & testicles in men. It may also affect the normal sexual functioning. Urinalysis, urodynamics, blood tests (PSA), cystoscopy, and imaging studies (CAT, MRI) are used for screening of urological conditions. Advanced biopsy techniques like cartography, TRUS, MRI fusion etc. are now available for prostate cancer diagnosis.

Nephrology deals with acute & chronic kidney complications, nephrotoxicity, infections and renal failure. The treatment options range from drug therapy, dialysis procedures, transplantation, and renal replacement therapy to extra-corporeal therapy. Nephrological complications require effective patient management plans.

Medical practice is experiencing a paradigm shift, as health care practitioners now rely on evidence based application of cutting edge technologies that improve patient outcomes. The field of Urology & Nephrology is no exception. Apart from the advancements in the diagnostic capabilities, there has been rapid development in the surgical intervention category also

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