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Editorial Perspective on Special Issue: Atherosclerosis & CVD Risk
Received: June 02, 2015; Accepted: June 25, 2015; Published: July 06, 2015
The Journal of clinical trials in cardiology [1] aims to present a remarkable research to the world by publishing all the quality papers in the field of clinical trials and cardiology. The journal has extended its range by publishing the most recent work in the field of cardiology by launching various special issues in the cardiology field so as to highlight the most important work and research going on this field. The special issue titles include;

1. Atrial Fibrillation
2. Myocardial Infarction
3. Cardiovascular Imaging
4. Advances in Cardiac Surgery
5. Stroke and its Consequences
The objective of the special issue is to amalgamate the escalating international community of researchers working in the areas cardiology to the different aspects of that field which are very much important to be addressed and worked upon for the betterment of the human health. This special issue, Atherosclerosis & CVD Risk provides a podium for all the imminent scientists, scholar, students and researchers regarding the current knowledge in the field of Atherosclerosis & CVD Risk. Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease take a huge toll on our society. Most of the deaths in our world are due to the disorders and diseases relating to heart and its outcome.

Atherosclerosis is a specific form of arteriosclerosis in which hardening and narrowing of the artery wall takes place as an outcome of invasion and gathering of white blood cells. Atherosclerosis is thus a syndrome disturbing arterial blood vessels due to a constant inflammatory reaction of WBCs in the arteries [2]. Atherosclerosis is an unceasing disease that remains asymptomatic for decades. Atherosclerosis can have an effect on any artery in the body, which includes arteries in the heart, brain, hands, legs, pelvis, and kidneys. As an outcome, various diseases may possibly develop based on which arteries are affected. These complications of complex atherosclerosis are persistent, gradually progressive and budding. Most frequently, soft plaque abruptly ruptures, causing the development of a thrombus that will rapidly slow or end blood flow, leading to death of the tissues fed by the artery in about five minutes.

The majority of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is caused by risk factors that can be controlled, treated or modified, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, overweight/obesity, tobacco use, lack of physical activity and diabetes [3]. Hence with such a complex structure it is very much important to gather the leading information in the field of cardiology concerning with Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Journal of Clinical Trials in Cardiology is a peer reviewed open access journal, absolutely intended for the international Scientific community that addresses ongoing research on Clinical Trials in Cardiology, which aims to offer a special dais for publishing high quality research work. The academic journal focuses to frame up an outstanding special issue on Atherosclerosis & CVD risk so that we will be helpful to the society and shades the light on the ongoing research.
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