International Journal of Chemical and Industrial Polymers
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About Journal

International Journal of Chemical and Industrial Polymers is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that brings together multidisciplinary significances in one journal and is to propagate information on all aspects of research and development in Chemical and Industrial Polymers.

It deals with Chemical and Industrial Polymers similar to chemical engineering researches, chemical reactor, materials, environmental chemicals, nanochemicals, petrochemical, catalysts, coatings, membranes, lubricants, modeling and scale-up procedures.

Whereas industrial polymers includes all categories of plastics and man-made fibers. These substances frequently form into a chain-like structure. Current applications are adhesives, coatings, foams, and packaging materials to textile and industrial fibers, elastomers, and structural plastics. Polymers are also used for most composites, electronic devices, biomedical devices, optical devices, and pioneer for many newly developed high-tech ceramic objects.

The motive behind the International Journal of Chemical and Industrial Polymers is to suggest well organized information related to chemical and industrial polymer to review papers and research articles. This journal gives an ideal platform for researchers and professionals to contribute to this development through their innovations. Such research papers are truly great contribution to the field of science. It is necessary that researchers and scientists come with accurate information about basics of creativity, chemistry and creative ability to collaborate the efforts together.

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