International Journal of Analytical Techniques
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About Journal

International Journal of Analytical Techniques (IJAT) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, scientific journal that publishes articles on Chromatography.

The scope of the journal covers method development, validation, re-validation, system suitability tests, scale-up, and technology transfer of chromatographic methods. These chromatographic methods could be applicable in formulation & development and routine analysis of pharmaceuticals (raw materials, in-line testing & finished products), bioassays, clinical pathology, chemical & pesticide testing, testing of food products & beverages and in several other fields which require quantitative analysis of samples. These chromatographic techniques for identification, quantitative & qualitative estimation have been revolutionized in recent times.

IJAT will accept scientific reviews/research papers on conventional chromatographic techniques (TLC, HPLC, UPLC, GC etc.); although the articles on advanced chromatographic methods like (GC-MS, LC-MS, UPCC, SFC, and UHPLC etc.) will be featured more prominently. The research conducted for developing chromatographic methods should follow ICH guidelines and compendial procedures (USP, NF, BP).

Chromatography is the science of separation of mixtures; it involves resolving complex mixtures and identifying the individual components of these mixtures. The separation of the mixtures takes place on a chromatographic column. Separation occurs by partitioning, adsorption, or ion-exchange of the solutes, between the polar stationary phase and the non-polar mobile phase (or vice versa), and depends on the preferential affinity of the solute for either of the two phases.

Advancements in chromatographic techniques like derivative chromatography, super-critical fluid chromatography, enantioselective chromatography; coupled with highly sensitive detectors based on mass, IR, and NMR have increased the accuracy, precision, sensitivity, detection limits, and reproducibility of the analytical methods.

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