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Clinical psychiatry and mental health are considered as a well-known area of expertise in the study of diagnosing, treating and preventing the mental disorders. The mental disorders can be the perceptual abnormalities, behavioural abnormalities or cognitive abnormalities. Various researches have been carried out in the field of Annals of clinical psychiatry and mental health showing the advancement and scientific innovation in treating the mental patients. These researches have been published in various peer-reviewed journals with a goal of providing the necessary knowledge regarding the processes and skills of mental health and clinical psychiatry. The clinical research in the field of psychiatry is carried out in order to provide the up-to-date information concerning a wide range of issues related with the patients with mental disorders and improvements in the methods of treating them in most efficient ways.The reliable, and valid information regarding clinical psychiatry about the mental healthcare provides the necessary understanding of the clinical issue as well (Cuthbert and Insel, 2010).

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