Nature itself has complete substance and process to control the diseases. It has much process like clean air, clean water, exercise, seeming, eating the natural and adequate food, drinking the requirement of water with good process, clean the body, live in clean environment, do the physical exercise then the life of a man become healthy wealthy and wise when we went to research journey (Shod Yatra ) we see very few people live in hundred years then we asked people the reason of your long life then they told us that I have simple life and we expand our life in nature .We can see that all substance require for our body present in the nature Like Iron, maganise, sulpher, Boran, maladium ,zink, chromium, and other many substance. These substances also present in fruits vegetables and different grains. As we know that the land of different places is different color, smell, and structure. I found that every place have different kind of water test if it is not purified .water is very necessary for our metabolism. We see that many people not drink outside water they always prefer sterilize water in some extant it is good. But when our body needs water then they not get sterilize water its gets bad affect in our metabolism and our endocrine gland gets depress. Many people not drink water on the traveling time and office hours because they not want to go toilets many times. Due to take less water many people gets stone burning sensation in urination. So. My advice to every people of the world they must drink enough water that their urine not go in yellow color and not try to control the urine because we control urine that time our metabolic system gets disturb and we feel uneasiness in body, mind and blood circulations. Many times we get pain during urinations that time we need medicine.