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About Journal

SOJ Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (SOJPPS) is a peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes scholarly articles related to pharmaceutical sciences. The journal strongly welcomes the authors to submit their manuscripts of originalresearch work and critical reviews focusing on research of drug products and drug action. The journal strives to keep pace with new and innovative research on how the action of drugs can be enhanced by new and advanced technologies.

SOJPPS is an internationally acclaimed journal that continually focusses on advancement of scientific knowledge related to pharmaceutical technology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology and pharmaceutical analysis. The journal focusses on other aspects of pharmacy such as medicinal and computational chemistry, molecular drug design, novel drug delivery, formulation of dosage forms,microbiology, biotechnology, biopharmaceutics, clinical and hospital pharmacy practise.

Research papers on clinical trials related to test the efficiency and safety of new drugs, quality control and assurance of drugs are also encouraged. Clinical trials involving human subjects must strictly adhere to ICMJE guidelines (CONSORT) and studies on animals should obtain approval from relevant ethical authorities to conduct the animal toxicity experiments/ studies. All the clinical trial reports and case studies must adhere to reporting guidelines of Statistical Analysis and reporting of trail results (SAMPL).

Subject Areas

➢  Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences ➢  Clinical and Administrative Science
➢ Clinical Pharmacology ➢ Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
➢ Drug Delivery ➢ Drug Interactions
➢ High throughput Screening ➢ Medicinal Chemistry
➢ Metabolomics ➢ Molecular Docking
➢ Nanomedicine/Nanotechnology/Future Medicine ➢ Neuropharmacology
➢ New Molecular Entity ➢ Orphan Drug
➢ Pharmaceutical Analysis ➢ Pharmaceutical Chemistry
➢ Pharmacoepidemiology ➢ Pharmacogenomics
➢ Planta Medica ➢ Synthetic Chemistry
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