International Journal of Pulmonology and Infectious Diseases
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About Journal

International Journal of Pulmonology and Infectious Diseases is an international multidisciplinary Open Access Journal that aims to publish Scholarly Articles recitation physical examinations, descriptive studies and practices related to etiology, diagnosis, conduct and prevention of lung and Infectious Diseases

Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases: It focuses on discovery and innovation in various aspects of bacteria, viruses, parasites , fungi, Airborne Disease, Biological Contamination, Virology, Emerging Diseases, Epidemics etc.

Lung infectious disease is an important source of morbidity and mortality in patients with major immunodeficiency's and other conditions that modify immunologic mechanisms against microbial incursion. Pulmonary edema is the Fluid leaks out of the small blood vessels of the lung keen on the air sacs and the adjacent area.

The scope of the journal includes diagnostic, clinical research in interdisciplinary areas of the lung, pulmonary functions and respiratory system and curative developments in Pulmonology and Infectious Diseases. The significantly focused research areas are translational research in Pathophysiology and epidemiology of lung disorders and transferable diseases. IJPID endeavor to be a prominent Scientific Journal, which endorses open access and presents free medical and clinical in sequence to readers for promoting healthcare development.

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