Scholarly journals

Scholarly journals differ from the other journals and magazines as they publish articles that have been peer reviewed. These journals accept manuscripts from scholars (i.e. academicians, researchers, scientists), who have relevant scientific knowledge and technical expertise in their field. These authors are intellectuals who possess vast knowledge and have made significant contributions for the development of science and technology.

The articles published in scholarly journals follow strict publication guidelines and maintain rigid standards for accepting the manuscripts for publication. The scholarly journals follow internationally accepted guidelines for scientific and medical research (ICMJE, EASE etc.) for publication of articles but the guidelines may vary from journal to journal.

Scholarly articles should meet the following criteria:

  • Acknowledge the authors and the contributors of the manuscript
  • Provide bibliographic references, wherever required
  • Structured format and style of writing (for ex., IMRAD - Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion for the research articles)
  • Scientific and technical facts, findings or experimental data that has been properly evaluated and validated
  • Address the scientific community and are published for the purpose of strengthening scientific development, highlighting major breakthroughs and opening up new arenas of research