International Journal of Vaccine Research
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Current Issue :  Volume 4 Issue 1 - 2019
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About Journal

International Journal of Vaccine Research is an international, open access, scholarly journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on vaccine research.

The scope of IJVR embraces the development, manufacturing, and applications of vaccines and their associated response in living organisms. This journal will cover topics like immunization, pre-clinical/clinical/molecular aspects of vaccines, preventive & therapeutic vaccines, vaccine trials, vaccine delivery system etc.

Major breakthrough in genomics, molecular biology, immunology, and other allied sciences has provided valuable insight into the etiology & pathogenesis of diseases. These research advances coupled with the dedicated efforts of agencies like NIH, WHO, and EMA; along with their product development partnerships with big Pharma (for example malaria vaccine (in trials) & meningitis vaccine) have bolstered vaccine research.

Vaccines have led to the eradication of deadly diseases like smallpox, almost eradicated polio (~99%), have emphatically rescued the lives of millions of people from communicable diseases, and are also showing promising results in clinical trials for global pandemics like HIV, malaria, etc. However, before launching any new vaccine, it should be screened through a well designed safety & efficacy protocol. Compliance to regulatory norms is a must for vaccine developers, as they are often intended for pediatric use (separate pediatric study).

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