SOJ Anesthesiology & Pain Management
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Current Issue :  Volume 6-Issue 1 - 2019
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About Journal

Symbiosis Open Journal of Anesthesiology & Pain Management (SOJAPM) is an Open Access publication which aims to publish Scholarly Articles on administration of anesthesia during surgery and pain management associated with surgical procedures.

The scope of SOJAPM exhaustively covers a plethora of topics like anesthesiology, preoperative care, critical & intensive care, trauma management & emergency care and perioperative complications etc. The aim of this journal is to support and enhance the development of patient care methodologies and boost the technology development in this field.

The journal strives to establish and maintain its readership by featuring Scientific Articles that have been validated by an efficient quality check through Peer-Review process.

Subject Areas

➢ Spinal anesthesia ➢ Rheumatology
➢ Epidural anesthesia ➢ Plastic surgery
➢ Cogulation ➢ Urologic surgery
➢ Thoracic surgery ➢ Vascular surgery
➢ Fluid therapy,Transfusion ➢ Cardiovascular cerebral resucitation
➢ Pharmacokinetics ➢ Neurosurgical Anesthesia
➢ Fluid therapy ,transfusion ➢ Colorectal surgery
➢ Surgery in otolaryngology ➢ Emergency care
➢ Brain death ➢ Monitaring in anesthesia
➢ Ambulatory Anesthesia ➢ Analgesics
➢ Anesthetic Pharmacology ➢ Chronic Pain
➢ General Anesthetic ➢ Intraoperative Regional Techniques
➢ Ultra Sound Anesthesia ➢ Sedatives
➢ Postoperative Pain Management ➢ Muscle Relaxants
➢ Intraoperative Regional Techniques ➢ Biologic therapy
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