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Embedded systems have gained a high level of “smartness” over the past few years. There are many devices launching every single month.

It can be easily realized that artificial intelligence have conquered hearts and it has found its directed way in its very fundamental form in the grounds of embedded systems. For example, home-based lightning systems of small scale can automatically turn off and turn on room lights when someone leaves or enters the rooms respectively.

The system is not that glamorous on the surface but it does wonders. When you observe the basic idea behind all this functioning, it lightens your mind with the fact that the systems decides on its own and is able to make self decisions. The system on chip (SOC) or microcontroller takes up every decision to whether it has to turn on the light or has to turn off. This example is very fundamental form of Artificial Intelligence in embedded systems. But, there is a plenty of developments waiting in the future.

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