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Bio Entrepreneurship for Future Sustainable Small Business Perspective
Sadique Shaikh*
Institute of Management and Science (IMS), Sakegaon-Bhusawal, Maharashtra, India
*Corresponding author: Sadique Shaikh, Institute of Management and Science (IMS), Sakegaon-Bhusawal, Maharashtra, India, Tel: 093264 61497; E-mail: @;
Received: October 26, 2018; Accepted: November 28, 2018; Published: xxxxxxxx
Citation: Sadique S (2018) Bio Entrepreneurship for Future Sustainable Small Business Perspective. Int J Fam Busi Manag 2(2): 1-3.
One of the most recently quoted destination of “Biotechnology” is “ The application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents to provide goods and services” hence open several opportunities for bio-industrialization , the Spink report in 1980 defined as ‘Biotechnology’ as the application of biological organism, systems or processes to the manufacturing and services industries. On another hand Organic Agriculture & Farming also on high peak and people switching to new and sustainable methods of farming. Though both aspect contradictory to each other but both supports to Bioentrepreneurship strongly. The whole world today is so much reflects up with the buzz word “Biotechnology” with strong belief that this is the field which will give lot of new opportunities and solution to our any problem that’s why Biotechnology variously described as “the last revolution of the current century.” Which gives new shapes and dimensions to agri-business and industries involved in same in 21st century due to its potentials whereas Organic agriculture also everyday available new sustainable eco-friendly farming methods on affordable amount.

• To give products which were never available before
• To give products that is currently in short supply.
• To give new methods this will reduce cost substantially.
• To give safer, better, cheaper, quality product.
• To give products which will use cheap raw materials, that uses expensive materials for the same.
• To give smart materials for several applications.
• To give sensors and actuators materials and many more.
Figure 1: Problem Analysis Model
Source: Prof. Md. Sadique Shaikh
Relation between Biotechnology, Bio Entrepreneurship and Bio-Economy
If we observe GDP of any country goes higher and higher because of Biotechnology revolution and advancement which open several doors to industries and small bio business company i.e. “Bioentrepreneurship” having lots of products, goods, materials and services for stable business due to advance Biotech and hence economical development of any nation because of Biotechnology advancement, can say this economical growth ‘Bio-economy’

The United States and Japan are leading in bio-tech business. The U.S. is slightly ahead commercialization of Biotechnology since it has strong and well develop life sciences base, better expertise in genetic engineering and availability of finance for high risk ventures and “Entrepreneurial Spirit “. Japan is next highest in order for the same but widely concentrate on Biotechnology for information technology, electronics, processers and system applications like Biochip (Bio(DNA) Processors) and DNA storage(Bio-memories) etc. The united state had 1100 companies and bioenterprises working on Biotechnology by 1990 with aggregate product. Sales of about 2900 millions $ and increase up to 60000 millions $ by 2000 A.D. but very important to know is “75% of companies are small with less than 50 employees in each and 25% remaining large more than 300 employees” hence major portion of economy of America is “Bio-economy” due small biotech enterprises what we can say “Bio entrepreneurship”.

Term “Organic” itself defined its meaning i.e. Production of crops plants without artificial chemicals such as sprays and fertilizers and bacteria’s etc. Hence we can able to define term organic agriculture in suitable words as “Organic Agriculture” is a holistic production management system which enhances agro-ecosystem health, utilizing both traditional and scientific knowledge. Organic Agriculture System rely on ecosystem management rather than internal agriculture inputs. Organic Agricultural uses concepts of agricultural sciences, and with/without help of technologies without using any chemicals and chemical fertilizers grow crops/ grains/plants/ fruits/vegetables. Hence strongly decline towards agri-ecosystem and strong environmental friendly
Figure 2:
As we defined and discussed Bioentrepreneurship at beginning which again I would like to understand you with the help of above model. It is strongly based on two bio-domains as Biotechnology & Synthetic Biology and Organic Agriculture & Firms. Which are giving five major benefits of Bio-business are Green Business Initiatives of Owner as CSR, Sustainable business with eco-friendly conditions, business as future emerging needs to handle food crisis due to high demand because of high population of world, also useful to handle energy crisis and future energy demands with having Clean & Renewable energy businesses and also gives high contribution to GDP and economical development of the country.
Figure 3: Basic Bioentrepreneurship Model
Source: Prof. Md. Sadique Shaikh
With the help of this short communication I defined the term Bioentrepreneurship Using Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology or Organic Agriculture as small business setup source using models like Problem analysis model, Basics Bioentrepreneurship model. I would like to conclude finally Bio/Green Small/Medium scale Businesses has excellent future perspectives and hopes of future expansions.
I really thankful to my wife Safeena Shaikh for her moral support my sons Md. Nameer Shaikh & Md. Shadaan Shaikh for their love which keeps me fresh with new ideas and my close friend Tanvir Sayyed for her positive support with me. I sincerely also acknowledged this work to Hon. Pandurang Saraf Sir who always encourage and supported to me. I express this work to Hon. Prof. (Dr.) Seema Joshi Mam, Director, SOMS-KBCNMU, and Jalgaon.
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