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SOJ Genetic Science
SOJ Genetic Science (SOJGS) [1] is an open Access Publication which aims to divulge the interesting secrets encoded in the genetic codons. SOGS is a scientific journal that has committed itself for encouraging genetic research and facilitating the application of this research in the struggle against diseases. The dangerous diseases like cancer can also be efficiently managed by controlling the genetic pathways for these diseases.

Though Trait inheritance and molecular inheritance mechanisms of genes are still a main principle of genetics, but contemporary genetics has extended beyond inheritance to study the function and actions of genes. Genetic process works in amalgamation with an organism’s surroundings and experiences to influence development and behavior, often known as nature versus nurture. The intra- or extra-cellular atmosphere of a cell or life form may control gene transcription.

SOJGS constitute its study to gene therapy, genomic constitution, gene expression & their regulation, heredity, genetic difference, gene mutations and genomic development etc. in all living organisms which includes plants, animals and microbes. The extent of this journal covers cell reproduction, protein synthesis, metabolic molecular pathways, immune system, disease diffusion and molecular source of diseases that are used to treat the chromosomal disorders and correct the DNA mutations for the normal survival of the organisms.

Thus we feel privileged to introduce all the readers of science for our new journal, SOJ Genetic Science which is a newly recognized journal with the motto of spreading the newly developed techniques and methods involved in genetic study. We provide a thought and base line to all the upcoming authors and readers regarding the inventions and their uses for the betterment of human races. We deal with all the concept of genetics right from DNA, RNA model to the molecular origin of the diseases.

As an open access journal we accept all kind of papers and publish them after the peer review process is completed. Our editorial staff and the Academy continue to endeavor towards publishing a genetics relevant journal that is of high academic excellence. We have published papers dealing with RNA Regulation of Cancer Stem Cell Phenotypes, Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization in spermatozoa [2] etc. We as a part of scientific society wanted to create awareness about all the newly developed methods and methodologies in the field of genetic science which will be helpful to the upcoming researchers and scholars to give their contribution to the genetics for the well being of the mankind. Finally we are pleased to introduce all the readers the new issue of genetic science which primarily focuses on the research in health services by association with it we feel that we can do some contribution to the scientific society.
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  2. Giulia Collodel, Paola Piomboni, Alice Luddi, Cristina Salvatici and Elena Moretti. Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization and Transmission Electron Microscopy in Spermatozoa from Patients with High FSH Levels. SOJ Genet Sci 1(1), 1-5.
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