-” I’m going to see my newly born little brother...who is in intensive care...and I need your help, so my parents know how to take me and I can get to know him….”

1. I’m just a little kid, I don’t understand the adults ‘ world….. that’s why I need you to help me.

2. If my parents come with me to see my little brother, I won’t feel lonely anymore , I’ll feel loved - they always take care of me .

3. They showed me a photo of him; I asked Mummy if he’s in a little house and she said yes, that it’s a special little house to take better care of him….that made me feel better

4. Mummy asked me if I wanted to see my little brother...first , I wasn’t quite sure...I didn’t know…but now I want to!

5. Mum explained to me that doctors are helping the little one; that’s why she has to stay in hospital….It’s good to know she isn’t angry with me

6. Mummy starts crying when she talks about my little brother... and when we came into his room, I thought I’d done something wrong….but my brother’s carer came to me and explained Mummy was feeling sad because we couldn’t be all together at home with the little one, and that she wants to take care of us both….it was great to know that, I thought she didn’t love me anymore.

7. The carer also told me I could send my little brother drawings or any other thing I want to do with my hands , that they ‘d put everything in a little box for him….I’m going home now to paint lots of things for him

8. Dad doesn’t speak….what did I do wrong? My little brother’s carer said Dad talks about me all the time….that’ s good news! And he told her about the time when we went to the beach together...and that I helped him when Mum wasn’t at home…I felt great to know Dad thinks about me!

9. When I look at my little brother I see he’s in a little crystal house, and they told me everything that surrounds it is there to help him all the time…

10. ” I met him!!!!!!!!!….I was about to cry at a certain moment, when I saw Mum and Dad were so sad….but the carer started to play with me and made me laugh so much….and she gave me a present from my little brother to me!!!….Tomorrow I’ll tell everything to the teacher...and I’ll show the present to her and all my classmates….I feel so good now…


Rita Rufo