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We Should Reform All Branches Medicine OECD to be with Guarance More Clever, More Safety, More Humanistic for Patients
Antonin Cuc*
Czech Technical University Prague, Machinary Facultry, Cybernetics, OHS expert, International Expert in Health and Safety, Europe
*Corresponding author:

Antonin Cuc, Czech Technical University Prague, Machinary Facultry, Cybernetics, OHS expert, International Expert in Health and Safety, Europe, E-mail: @

Received: July 07, 2018; Accepted: July 30, 2018; Published: August 23, 2018
Citation: Antonin Cuc (2018) We Should Reform All Branches Medicine OECD to be with Guarance More Clever, More Safety, More Humanistic for Patients. SOJ Surgery 5(2): 1-5. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15226/2376-4570/5/2/00159
Network Medical Clinics in OECD has the stabil similar structure of daily Tasks in Diagnostics, in Treatments, with similar usage the Medical Devices in similar Medical processing in Mass produce of Health care in hospitals, Clinics, with similar educated Nurses, Physicians, with similar usage Medical Radiology with many daily todays mistakes in interpretation diseases, with similar streams of comming Patients in Inputs procedures, with similar Health problems in similar used Patient agreements with exwaitng types of next Treatments, and with leaving Clinics with similar Outputs procedures, often with similar Health problems by well timing and lack of guarance safety IN/OUT-puts dangerous Patient Transport, with similar problems with identificaction Patients, well defined Placement by doubled Human organs, with often fuyyz responsibilities of Physicians in Medical Departments, with controlling preliminary legal conditions to begin surgeries, including well recording all Inputs/Outputs Health status in databases EHRs, adeqated sharing a part of private Health electronic documentation with Patient, with prevencz similar repeated multilateral Mass Technical Medical mistakes in legal guarancy fullfiling all Technical, Medical, Legal aspects of used Medical processing, with similar problems in supervisions of all prescrbed Medicaments for individual Patients with frequent misstakes in mutual Contraindications of used some medicaments, with frequent absency of adequated controlling so as to mandatory regards to personal weights of Patients and with regards to private known Alergy, with lack of regards to changed continual Health status Patients by processing of treatments, with controlling limits in Assurance Costs of individual Pstient Treatments, etc.

In each of individual medical complicated problems, we could allways to find multilateral Medical Cluster with similar Patients with similar Age, Gender, similar complicated multilateral similar diseases (spinal problems, Diabetes Melitus, Carcinoms, locomotion problems with knees, hips, dangerous fallen, osteoporosis) with todays ignoring many possibilities to sparing more clever the similar medical experiences with recommending validated some preferency to solving the complicated multilateral Health problems step by step with more hopening to best results of perfect future processing in Diagnostics, perfect future planning the safety treatments, with adequated controlling in time the important critical phases copmplicated organisational planning, with controlling step by step allways all medical partial activites to regards Technical Requirements of Laws for legal safety usage Medical Devices.

There are many possibilities to systematic more usage Computer support for sharing the best statistic archiving similar successful Patient cases in network as validated legal PATTERNS, with more systematic usage the Artificial Intelligence to realise automatic many complicated parts of Medical processing with excluding many petrified fatal repeated medical illegal mistakes in todays daily workflow, querry through in many medical Branches – namely in works of Orthopady, Radiology, Surgery, Geriatrics, Forensic Medicine. Anesthesy, Physiatrics, self-rehbailitation of Patients, etc. This is so as a Reason, why I am creating the Utility model 21532 CZ 2010 „The Equipment for Search Abd Retrieval of sufficient information to usage Mas sof similar repeated strategic Decision Making with risk and Computer support“. Firstly I am recommending to implement regularly yearly independent random Learning Samplings in proportional Dimension of 3% from the all yearly Produce of Health care in all medical Clinics OECD, since year 2016 in forensic multilateral Technical and Medical analyses of serious fatal Medical mistakes in Medical Processing in Diagnostics and Treatments.

By the Research Medical Message since 2010 - after realised World Research of relative frequence of Medical Mistakes in Diagnostics and Treatments, there are about 10%, with statistic accuracy +/- 2% and with statistic realiability about 96 %.... There were Results of fatal mistakes in streams of daily decision medical making with basal consequents on Health of Patients in all Medical Branches, often with casual shorten Patients lives about many years.

We should stopped it immediately, just with perfect regularly realised forensic analyses about needless illegal frequent similar repeated causes and with defined important legal circumstances for needless illegal repeated fatal illegal consequents for dying Patients OECD with usage repeated independent parallely realised Samplings in all Clinics OECD to guarance next efficiency Prevency since year 2020!

There are in the Czech Republic yearly needless illegal heavy crippled and casually with preliminary inforced illegal Death about 40 thousands of Patients CZ by Mass Health care of Providers Health care and medical staff without sufficient Technician knowledges for safetz usage Medical Devices. These all fatal causes are false coded as „Patient Unhappy by medical working all medical staff in limits LEGE ARTIS CZ“. It is realised with active wisdom acceptance of Criminal Police CZ, Justice CZ, State Penalty Offices CZ, Knowing Medical Insitutes CZ contrary Technician Requirements of Laws EU/CZ for Medical Devices with „CE“ marking on common Market.

This is so as a reason, why I am just needless dying Orthopadic and Leukemic Patient CZ too.

I would reform all branches Medicine OECD with your active ratioal support, when you have a Courage enough to rescue your Lives of your families too!

Criminal Orthopady Control to find the false positional placement by geometric controlling coordinates Xi, Yi, Zi of the functional placement of spice the Stem on the Orthopadic screen in right axial depth - with usage radiologic firm installing Mask of used component Stem in the same scaling of real Lenght and legal placement of metalic Stem in real coaxialities with femoral cavity, exactly by the content of The Certification education of Users for set THA – Bicoantact S, noncemented, the used Stem BICONTACT S, noncemented - in nominated Dimension 13 mm, Typ N, on all postoperational RTG images, including the first sufficient view on sagittal RTG Image since November 16, 2007 to protocolling the FALSE CRUMM – as Lege Artis CZ, by postoperational situation since Surgeon Hall by last orthopadic mooving of the Spice Stem – namely since date November 13, 2007, The Regional Hospital Mladá Boleslav - Orthopadic Clinic CZ, judicial case No. 36 C 181/2009 of Documents of Regional Court Prague CZ, from the Claim – Patient Antonín Cuc. The responsible Orthopad MUDr. Frantiíšek Vurm began working the implanting on Surgeon Hall without mandatory preliminary Clinic Plan, without regards to preliminary dysplastic declination of femoral neck of my right hip, without real controlling the integrity of femoral cavity before hitting the Stem, without regards in Medical processing to explicit radiologic preliminary descriptions of dysplastic femoral position of the neck. Only my medical Murders CZ could said in complot judicial Testimonies „Unhappy of Patient by working of medical staff in limits LEGE ARTIS CZ“! The Judge JUDr. Vojtěch Cepl was wisdom accepting the biomechanical false Court Medical Message too, none of States Penalty Offices CZ would renewed by Penalty Court trial my Human Rights to live – with the revision of the false Judgement CZ from the false Court Medical Message CZ, No. 36 C 181/2009-123 since March 27, 2012 from the Knowing Medical Institute - The Central Army Hospital Prague, CZ.

I am just needless dying on casual inforced growing the orthopadic and leukemic diseases with biostatistical worse prediction of serious shorten estimates for Rest my Life about cca 5 years – namely for continual growing additional mortal risks with more probable repeated fatal spontain fall with repeated breacking my proximal femoral bone after inforced preliminary reoperation THA in time 17 days after first false implanting set THA, with full plegic nervus ischiadici in my right underknee, worse biomechanical stability of set THA in reoperational weak femoral structure my cavity after inforced re-drilling for the reoperational bigger Stem, etc. There are worse risks of next additional infections in hemorragic transfer in constant worse my imunities, by bad Blood circulation with full destructions of my right musculature in calf including plegic inervation, with more probable trombotic problems, etc. My Murders as Physicians CZ are smiling me with tricky primitive Slogan „Lege artis CZ“ till Rest my shorten Life, similar ways as to other 40 thousands needless crippled Patients CZ in net of Providers Health care CZ yearly.

There are absurd to say by evaluation a likehood Medical processing in limits „Lege artis OECD“, when there are in the content of sequential technical and medical partial ordering processing and when we find at least the ONE illegal activity – because by the principles Binary Logics, a likehood mixed ordering activities with evaluation False, Trueth, derived allways resulting only F A L S E definitely!

It never could be defined as trueth conclusions such Medical processing as: „Lege artis CZ“!

Thatsfor yearly needless are illegal crippled and preliminary casual dying Milions Patients OECD too, as the similar petrificated medical repeated accepting illegal Stupidities as in Health care CZ, out of multilateral usage the Sciences of Physics, Logics, Biomechanics, Geometry 3 D, Criminal evidences, Technical Requirements of Laws for Medical Devices, etc.
Figure 1: God Safe your Soules and your Lives too - when you don´t used the Human Sence to minimize Patient risks in medical workflow of network Clinics OECD.
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Figure 3:
Figure 4:
  1. Antonín Cuc: Utility model 21532 CZ. “The Equipment to Search and Retrieval sufficient information to reuse for Mass repeated similar strategic Decision Making with risk and Computer support“. The Czech State Office for Industrial Laws, Prague CZ. 2010.
  2. The Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Devices, full implementing in harmonised Laws EU/CZ, incorporated by Czech Office for Standardisation, Measurement and State testing as a Guarant, realised in Czech Laws, namely by Czech Law No. 22/1998 Coll. “Technical Requirements for dangerous products with CE“ marking with Conformity Assessment for common Market States EU, in full legal acceptance in CZ since date April 1, 2004.
  3. The official Health Documentation of the Plaintiff Antonín Cuc for he Regional Court Prague, No. 36 C 181/2009 with Court Medical Message from the Central Army Hospital Prague CZ, with the Judgement No. 36 C 181/2009-221 since September 24, 2012 by the Judge JUDr. Vojtěch Cepl
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