volume3-issue1 - 2018

Research article

DOI: 10.15226/2474-9257/3/1/00124

Horváth Balázs Zsigmond, Imre Soltész, Bence Blaske, Orsolya Horváth, Anita Szabó and Botond Csorba
Research article

DOI: 10.15226/2474-9257/3/1/00125

Research article

DOI: 10.15226/2474-9257/3/1/00126

Short Communication

DOI: 10.15226/2474-9257/3/1/00127

Research article

DOI: 10.15226/2474-9257/3/1/00128

Hua Yuting, Xin Yu, Lu Kangli and Wang shenghui
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