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Health, Disease and Info-Energy Medicine
Maria Kuman1*
1PhD, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr, Knoxville, TN 37923.USA.
*Corresponding author: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr, Knoxville, USA. TN 37923; E-mail: @
Received: Received: August 16, 2018; Accepted: October 3, 2018; Published: October 5, 2018
Citation: Kuman M (2018) Health, Disease and Info-Energy Medicine. SOJ Immunol 6(2): 1-2.
Health: on the first place, is harmonic and coordinated activity of the weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which rules and regulates the functioning of all cells in the material physical body. Since this NEMF is 1,000 times weaker than the biocurrents in the body, its influence is mainly informational. (I know this because I measured this weak field for almost 40 years).

Disease: manifests itself first as a disrupted harmony of the informational NEMF and it takes 5 to 7 years to sink at the physical level and manifest itself as a disease with all its symptoms. We know this from the pulse diagnosis commonly used in Asia before acupuncture treatment [1].

If we are smart, we should find ways to detect slight deviations from the harmony of the NEMF at very early stage (with pulse diagnosis [1], voice diagnosis [2], or iris diagnosis [3]) and try to restore the harmony before it has sank to the physical level.

This early intervention with informational character is called Info-Energy Medicine. It prevents the diseases before they have appeared. This is especially important for the chronic diseases, the cure of which is slow (‘chronic’ means ‘slow’), difficult and unpredictable [4].

The Info-Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future: It is informational as the name says it. Here is how the Russian scientist Acad. Garyaev used it [5]. Laser light was made stationary after multiple reflections from mirrors. In this laser light, was placed the pancreas of a healthy rat. The photons of the laser light memorized the information of the healthy pancreas.

Then this information was projected on rats with pancreases damaged by aloxan – a poison killing the cells of the pancreas – and the rats with damaged pancreases recovered completely. Since photons were used for healing, the informational medicine is also called quantum medicine.

The Info-Energy Healing is teleportation of information: Teleportation of information was used in Russia to cure diseases in children born with genetic defects. In Russia, in hypogeomagnetic cameras, the normal DNA of the mother was read and then projected (teleported) on her child with abnormal DNA suffering of epileptic fits. The child recovered completely.

The DNA emits NEMF and vice-versa - our NEMF located in the Subconscious [6] is capable of influencing the DNA of the cells. It works with the waves of our NEMF as a quantum computer and operates on the holographic principle [6]. When the information of the normal DNA of the mother is projected onto the child with abnormal DNA, the inborn DNA defect of the child does not manifest any more – the genetic defect is corrected.

The Info-Energy Medicine is widely used now in combination with stem cells to repair defected or warned out sick organs or joints. As said in our article [7], stem cells could transform to any kind of cells – neuronal, brain, muscular, cartilage, liver, gall bladder, etc. When stem cells from the bone marrow are injected in patients suffering brain injury, Parkinson disease, dementia, etc., the stem cells go to the brain and repair the damage.

However, if other organs or joints need to be repaired, information needs to be projected onto the stem cells to tell them what kinds of cells they need to transform into. Gifted people, such as Acad. Grabovoi [5], could project this information with their mind (using the quantum computer in their Subconscious) [6]. The other alternative is to use equipment of the type of torsigenerator of Kozirev, to project (teleport) the right information onto the stem cells [5].

The torsi-generator of Kozirev [5] uses coherent laser light, which is reflected from mirrors placed at right distances to make the laser waves stationary. Only such coherent (laser) light with stationary waves can carry information. If an organ or joint need to be repaired, the stem cells need to be injected there and then information projected on them telling them what kind of cells they need to transformed into – cells of specific organ or cartilage cells of a worn-out joint.

The Russian scientist, Acad. Kaznacheev [8], wrote in his book Super-weak Emission in Intercellular Interaction published in 1981:”Maybe one day we would be able to correct pathological processes such as: virus infections, cancer, aging with photon transfer of information.” Just a couple of decades later, in the 21st century, the new Info-Energy Medicine, which heals with photons, became a reality.
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