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Body Regulating Mechanisms in Health and Disease - Hormonal Imbalance and Mental Diseases
Maria Kuman*
*Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923
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Received: July 21, 2018; Accepted: November 29, 2018; Published: December 3, 2018
Citation: Maria Kuman (2018) Body Regulating Mechanisms in Health and Disease - Hormonal Imbalance and Mental Diseases SOJ Immunol 6(3): 1-3.
Why is it so important to know the body regulating mechanisms? When the regulating mechanisms are shifted out of balance expect a disease. Usually stress creates delays (because the body needs to stop what it was doing at the moment and mobilize for response to the stressor). These delays destroy the harmony of biorhythms [1], which means stress disturbs the body regulating mechanisms. This results in a chronic disease of the genetically inherited weak organ or cancer. ‘Chronic’ means ‘slow’. It takes a lot of stress accumulation to shift the regulating mechanism out of balance. When the Humoral Immune System (HIS) is weak, stress results in chronic disease.

Cancer in its last stage malignancy is “a jumbled mass of cells instead of useful architecture, which multiply senselessly” (St. Gyorgy) [2]. Therefore, cancer means distorted mechanism of cellular regrowth, which makes the cells multiply senselessly. This means that stress results in cancer when the Cellular Immune System (CIS) is weak. Strange as it might sound, cancer is a slow disease; only its last stage malignancy is fast. This claim is based on observed changes in the body temperature cycles many years before the symptoms of cancer would appear [1].

Thus, same stress results in chronic disease in individuals with weak HIS and in cancer in individuals with weak CIS – it depends on genetic predisposition. Since the onset of chronic diseases and cancer is slow, and their cure slow, difficult, and unpredictable [3], we should monitor the early changes, which precede the disease, and try to restore the regulating mechanisms at early stage of imbalance. As we shall see later, early diagnosis (prognosis) of diseases could be done with pulse diagnosis [3], voice diagnosis [4], iris diagnosis [5], etc.

Mental diseases are also result of disturbed regulating mechanisms, but in this case stress seems to collapse the endocrine balance. The Russian psychiatrist, Dr. Aaron Belkin, was convinced that hormonal imbalance causes mental disorders and he was the first to start treating psychiatric patients with hormones with great success. He was the first to create Institute of Psycho-endocrinology at the Psychiatric Institute in Moscow, Russia in the 1980s, and was Director of the Institute for many years [6]. Another Russian scientist, Acad. Vasil Kaznacheev, writes in his book [7] that schizophrenia results from a shift (or shifts) in the regulating endocrine mechanisms of the embryo caused by strong magnetic storms, which are specific for years of solar activity.

The endocrine balance is ruled by the weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), whose waves are the basis of the quantum computer operating in the Subconscious [8]. I have patented electronic equipment, which allows me to measure the weak microamperes’ currents of this NEMF, which rule and regulate everything in the body, and I have done this for almost 40 years. While the body biocurrents are measured in milliampere (thousandth of the Ampere), the weak electric currents of the NEMF, which rules and regulates everything in the body, are millionth of an Ampere and parts of it [9].

Our weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) has a donut-shape with openings at top of the head and the tailbone [Fig. 1]. This weak NEMF rules and regulates everything in the body.
Figure 1: The human NEMF of the heart adopted from Heart Math Institute webpage. The torus spins in opposite direction in males and females.
What does that mean that the weak electromagnetic field is nonlinear (NEMF)? When water runs in a river, and the bottom of the river is smooth, the movement of the water is linear. If there is a big stone on the bottom of the river, the movement of the water becomes nonlinear because the water needs to go around the stone. Behind the stone, the water will curve forming two spinning whirlpools – one with clockwise movement called vortex and the other with counterclockwise movement called anti-vortex.

Our body electromagnetic field (EMF) is nonlinear because it has a nonlinear torus shape and because it also has seven vortices along the backbone, which alternate vortex – anti-vortex – vortex… [Fig 2]. I can detect and measure them with my electronic equipment. If vortices and anti-vortices are present, our EMF is nonlinear. In our modern nonlinear physics the vortices are funnel-shaped, spin clockwise, and suck energy in. They alternate with funnel-shaped anti-vortices spinning counter-clockwise and throwing energy out. Thus, our NEMF breathes energy in through its vortices and energy out through its anti-vortices [10].
Figure 2:The vortices and anti-vortices of the human NEMF and their quantum energy levels
Figure 3:Chakras’ opposite spinning in females and males
Also when the torus spins clockwise like a vortex, it sucks energy in, when the torus spins counterclockwise like an antivortex, it emits energy out. The direction of spinning of the donut changes at dawn and at dusk, but in remains always opposite in males and females. The same is true for the seven alternating vortices and anti-vortices of the donut pictured on Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. They change direction of spinning at dawn and dusk, but the direction of their spinning remains opposite in males and females [Fig. 3].

The solar spots observed on the surface of the sun during solar activity are the funnel openings of the same type alternating, but very powerful, vortices and anti-vortices. We frequently see how the solar anti-vortices (spinning counter-clockwise) throw spinning shiny energy balls, which after a loop trajectory are sucked back by nearby vortices (spinning clockwise). So, through its vortices and anti-vortices the sun is breathing energy in and out [10]. Such systems are called open.

Classical thermodynamic does not apply to open systems. Prof. Prigogine with his team first developed non-equilibrium thermodynamics applicable to open systems [10]. Our body anti-vortices throwing energy out and vortices sucking energy in can be seen on Kirlian scanner. A high frequency electric field is applied to the body, which allows us to see the dynamic of body’s light energy exchange with the media [11].

Since the sun’s and earth’s electromagnetic fields have the same torus (donut) shape as humans’ [Fig. 1] [10] and are nonlinear (with a system of alternating energy vortices and antivortices), obviously these are the electromagnetic fields of all self-sustained self-organized systems capable to reproduce. Since the Creator created everything in his image, probably He has the same donut-shaped electromagnetic field and dynamic as our own, our sun, and our earth.

Ancient Hindu texts speak about body’s “spinning wheels”, which in Sanskrit means “chakras”. The chakras spin like tornadoes and are manifestations of nonlinear fields. In the past, when physics was not developed enough to explain the chakras, they were mocked with the name metaphysics and thrown out of physics. But modern physics deals with dynamic nonlinear energy fields with spinning energy whirlpools called vortices and anti-vortices [10].

The six spinning energy centers of our NEMF [Fig. 2] are called basic chakras. They are aligned along the backbone and rule and regulate the function of the six endocrine glands. By producing hormones and secreting them directly into the blood stream, these endocrine glands rule and regulate our physical and mental health. The seventh chakra on top of the head unites the energies of the underlying chakras.

With my patented sensitive energy meter, I can measure and I have measured the energy of the vortices and anti-vortices of the human NEMF (called chakras) for almost 40 years. I can demonstrate these spinning energy centers to anyone and can measure and interpret their balance for everybody. Such measurements can detect minor offset in the balance of the regulation mechanisms. This allows early detection of oncoming chronic diseases or cancer - 5 to 7 years before the symptoms of the disease would appear – and their prevention.

Measurement of the weak NEMF with my patented sensitive energy meter also allows distinguishing between manic-depressive schizophrenia, and irregular function of the thyroid gland, which have similar symptoms and are frequently misdiagnosed. While manic-depressive schizophrenia has specific imbalance in the first three chakras (low energy of chakras #1 and #3 and high energy of chakra #2), the irregular function of the thyroid gland is manifested imbalance of chakra #5.

You can read about the chakras and the important role they play: in the human’s regulating mechanisms and in the prevention of chronic diseases and cancer in the books of Prof. Maria Kuman: What Everybody Needs to Know about Chronic Pain, Chronic Diseases and Cancer [11], Find Your Soul Mate – Secrets of the Soul [12] and Quantum Mind and Quantum Growth – Ways of Spiritual Growth [13].

You can read about the cure of mental diseases with hormones in the book of the author M. Kuman, Listen and Talk to Your Body and Soul. Such cure can also be achieved by balancing the spinning energy centers, called chakras, which rule and regulate the endocrinal glands.

To learn more about chakras, contact us through our web-page and enroll in our workshops or classes. We can explain chakras scientifically, and we don’t know anybody else who can measure them. By measuring your chakras, we can check the balance of your NEMF and detect subtle deviations from your physical and mental balance.

The imbalance could also be detected with pulse diagnosis [3], voice diagnosis [4], or iris diagnosis [5]. Then the new branch of medicine – the Info-Energy Medicine [14], [15] – can correct the imbalance and prevent the disease many years before the disease is manifested with all its symptoms.
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