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Endodontist offer Continuing Education Opportunities and Establish Partnerships
Diwakar Kinra
Diwakar Kinra, D.D.S, M.S, USA
*Corresponding author: Diwakar Kinra, D.D.S, M.S, USA, E-mail: dkinra@gmail.com
Received: 10.01.2014; Accepted: 10.01.2014; Published: 11.01.2014
Citation: Kinra D (2014) Endodontist offer Continuing Education Opportunities and Establish Partnerships. J Dent Oral Disord Ther 2(1), 1. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15226/jdodt.2014.00108
In the midst of today's turbulent economy, the members of many local dental societies are being squeezed harder than ever before. The ongoing assault to the area has been well documented, from cuts to insurance benefits from current employers and retirees to the outward migration of many long-time residents.
The county's high current unemployment and distraught economy has created an environment which makes it remarkably more difficult to attract new patients and retain the ones that are currently active with their dental treatment.
While it would be easy for local members to hunker down and bury their heads in the sand, turning such a cold shoulder to the reality of the situation, and therefore on one another, would be the most counterproductive step of all. Instead, to take a proactive step in confronting the issues at hand, the society needs to capitalize on its biggest asset - its network. Specifically, the strong, vibrant and forward-thinking local continuing education (CE) offerings through the local dental societies.
While one may not first think of CE as a way to boost your bottom line, there's substantial merit to the idea that through a untied network of professionals long-term relationships can be established and nurtured, which will lead to increased treatment acceptance rates from patients.
If you're not attending the local CE meetings, you're missing out on valuable networking opportunities. Similarly, if you're not attending the state and local CE meetings, you're missing out on the opportunity to enhance your clinical skills while gaining a better understanding of how to present a given treatment plan to a patient or more efficiently perform the newest dental procedures.
As a new endodontist to an area, you are a valuable asset to your local dental society. Take the time to learn how to provide C.E. credits, whether it be through the ADA, state dental society, local dental society or through industry. Your first presentation should consist of topics you are familiar and comfortable lecturing to groups of dentist and about 1-2 hours in length. If content for a lecture is difficult to obtain, ask your program director, turn to the AAE or inquire with your local supply representative. This opportunity will make more strides in marketing yourself than any one effort could accomplish. You will be known as the local expert and well versed specialist in the area.
In an effort to become known as the leading educator in the area, team up with other specialists to provide CE in all areas of dentistry. Try to stress your efforts on bringing the latest in cutting edge technology and newest dental procedures not focused on in dental school. Also, emphasize how your CEs will make your referring dentist more knowledgeable and profitable. These may include lectures series such as hands-on workshops for practice management, all porcelain restorations, pediatric care, implants and orthodontic update. The objective is to help local practitioners learn from local experts, allowing them to maintain communication even after the course is concluded. This concept is not feasible when attending traditional CE in distant locales.
As one can see, in addition to the standard CE offerings, the local dental society to provide education courses that are relevant, timely, and have the opportunity to keep its members well networked. And, there's logical, sound reasoning that shows attending such meetings is going to allow members to better connected, better clinicians, and better business owners since we can all learn from each other.
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