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Editor-In-Chief :   Danita R. Potter, Northwestern State University
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Current Issue :  Volume6 Issue1 - 2020
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About Journal

SOJ Nursing & Health Care (SOJNHC) is an international, open access journal that publishes peer-reviewed, scholarly articles on ethics and practices in nursing and health care.

The scope of SOJNHC exhaustively covers topics like the basics in nursing sciences, nursing standards, holistic nursing, health diversity, patient safety, palliative care, and perioperative nursing etc. The aim of this journal is to support and enhance the development of patient care methodologies and aid in research & development for advancements in nursing sciences. The journal will give priority to articles featuring issues, discussions, research, investigations, and experimental work related to enhancing clinical expertise, as well as health care management skills.

Nursing is the backbone of the health care delivery system and is no longer limited to basic care. Advancement in clinical practice and the growing recognition of the role of nursing care in clinical research, has transformed it into a methodical approach of delivering patient care.

Nursing practice has improvised. Nursing & Health Care is now a systematic, organized, and evidence based science that encourages utilizing critical thinking skills for solving clinical problems. It has developed into a step-by-step process of identifying health care needs of the patient, preparing health care plan, providing nursing intervention, and delivering individualized patient care.

Nursing professionals play a crucial role in communicable disease management, protective isolation, clinical trial management & adverse event reporting, hazardous waste isolation & management, and several other aspects related to critical patient care. Symbiosis Open Journal of Nursing & Health Care will publish new approaches & research on such aspects.

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