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A New Technical and Practical Approach on Securing Cyberspace and Cloud Computing

Symbiosis Online Publishing is a combination of publishing Journals and eBooks.

"Symbiosis Online Publishing is a "scholarly extent promoting free exchange of knowledge, was publishing eBooks with Open Access availability. We strive to deliver the best to the broadest possible audience. Open access eBooks covers different disciplines in Science, Technology and Medicine. Our book collections offer high quality research among these disciplines. These have been produced to meet the requirements of students, researchers, established leaders, etc., in their fields.

Symbiosis Group focuses the books that should be written chiefly in English language, which reflects the international character of scientific community. All of our content is available in PDF and Flipping Book formats. Each eBook contains chapters which provide latest information to readers.

Symbiosis Group is an Open Access Online Publishers provides eBooks with print copies to authors upon their request. We accept thesis books from Universities, Students, and Researchers.

ISBN Number – International Standard Book Number it was used as a book identifier which will be given to all published books for unique identification throughout the world.

Why eBooks..??

EBooks are very important in current days because many readers are shifting their preference from reading a paper book to eBook. Benefits as follows:

  • Easily accessible
  • Manufacturing book in printed version takes so long but digital version can speed up the process vastly.
  • Environmental friendly
  • One Device Many books like Hand Library
  • Shareable Content
  • eBooks saves time and space
  • Benefits of publishing eBooks in Symbiosis Group:

    Symbiosis Group as Open Access Publishers a well known provider with scientific, technical and medical journals facilitating eBooks by providing the below benefits:

  • Immediate Publishing
  • Publishes eBook in Flipping Book and PDF format
  • Provides with ISBN number for every article after publishing.
  • Self Archiving policy- Archives eBooks permanently in our website.
  • By publishing eBooks, authors can make their book accessible everywhere.
  • Provides Reprints if needed
  • Earns more Royalty
  • Easily Updates
  • Offers high quality print on Screen
  • Promotes in Social Media
  • We not only publish books in online but also promote it through different media by using innovative tools.
  • Symbiosis Group Open Access System does not compromise on quality. Our most stringent quality policy ensures high quality of books published eliminating any discrepancies.
  • Offers high quality of eBooks with PDF formats for readers of having their work available throughout the world.
  • Mail to: ebooks@symbiosispublications.com

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