Retraction and Withdrawal Policy

Symbiosis Online Publishing which publishes the best of current research and practice, emphasizing innovation and quantified experience and it has arrived as the foremost world-wide gathering of researchers on a Single Online Platform. All the published articles shall retained in archive and will not be altered as for as possible. However, some circumstances may appear that where the published article must be retracted or withdraw by the authors. This may waste the editors, reviewers as well as editorial staff's crucial time. Therefore, Symbiosis Group introducing the retraction policies and such activities must not be taken mildly and can only occur under odd circumstances. In all cases, the retracted or removal articles are retained in archive of respected Journal official website.

The Corresponding or Co-authors must and should pursue the below retraction or withdrawal policies before decided to withdraw of his/her article.

Article Retraction

  • The Retractions are applied for those articles in cases of Plagiarism or Copyright issue, Duplicate publication; Evidence of unauthorized use of confidential research data or unethical researches.
  • The articles have been accepted for publication but not yet completely released in issue/volume articles if may have any errors or any accidental duplication of published articles are considered to disregard our journal publishing ethics guidelines in the point of the editors view.
  • The retraction notice should have the explanation about why the article retracted and it may consider an expression of concern notice if an article is under examination by editors. The retraction procedure depends on the publication stage of the article.
  • Before submission the corresponding author and co authors should confirm the complete approval and virtue of the manuscript. Research students should take the permission from their professors and university before submission to the Symbiosis Group journals.
  • Once the article retracted, the HTML version was removed but the electronic link made to the original article and place "retraction" before the title.
  • Published article mentioned as "retracted" and signed by the authors and/or the editor and also retained unchanged watermark on the PDF indicating on each page that it has been "Retracted."
  • Committee on publication ethics officially made retraction guidelines. For more information about retraction policies follow the link here
  • Article Withdrawal

    If the corresponding author requested to withdraw his/ her article within 2 business days after submitting, no need to pay any charges. If withdraw in unethical conditions they should be paid a certain amount which was going to be decided by Editorial Office.

    The charges are applicable in cases of

  • If the author(s) requests a withdrawal of manuscript in any stages of publication process like after review comments submission or after published in online; then authors should make a withdrawal penalty.
  • Symbiosis Group editorial office will provide a formal letter for Manuscript withdrawal to the corresponding author. After that, author(s) need to submit a withdrawal form signed by all authors. Withdrawal of manuscripts is only accepted after complete examination by editors and withdrawal penalty has been fully paid to the Symbiosis Group Editorial Office.
  • If the article withdrawal is not allowed by the editors, the article available electronic link was not removed from the official website and permanently placed in journal Article in Press according to the Symbiosis Group Withdrawal policy.
  • After reading the above points the author requested to fill all the details clearly in withdrawal request form which was provided in our website.(Click here)