Symbiosis online publishing Journal (SOJ) group takes the opportunity in providing its authors with the advantage of availing the reprints of their published articles from any of the Symbiosis Online Publishing Group journals at a reasonable price. All author reprints will be in colour. The reprints are used to portray the essence of a particular research to any targeted audience at interviews, conferences, seminars and any invited talks.

Our reprint service will provide you with print copies or E-prints of the requested articles. All the reprints will be an exact duplication of the original article, printed in the form of a brochure with the following details;

1.Symbiosis Group Logo
2.Article type with Title of article and Complete list of Authors
3.Author mail ID
4.Journal cover page
5.Copyright to Corresponding Author

Authors can make use of the different author reprint ordering options;
1. Accepted articles: Articles which are accepted but yet to be published.
2. Published articles: Articles which are published and available online.

For any queries and details regarding the Authors Reprints, please contact us to the below mail id;